Weather & Environment

A Kid’s Wilderness Survival Primer.
Learn what to do if you are lost in the wilderness, including how to improvise a shelter, attract attention and stay calm. Find out what equipment you should always have on hand and try your hand at an interactive wilderness survival simulator.

Eco Kids Online.
Discover cool things about science and nature, wildlife, environmental issues and more through games and activities.

Environmental Education for Kids! (EEK!).
Lots of information and ideas about the earth, animals, and other neat stuff including what kinds of jobs are available for people interested in the environment.

FEMA for Kids.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) helps people who have been in a disaster. They also teach people what to do during a disaster and what to do before a disaster happens. You can learn what causes disasters, play games, and read stories.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Kid’s Page.
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection offers facts including “environmental postcards” and biographical sketches of environmental pioneers.

Hurricane Hunters.
Photos and information from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, known as the Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve. Especially cool is the Cyberflight into the Eye.

Kids Boogaloo
With fun characters to guide you, this site provides book reviews, a “library” area with links to information about many topics, games such as the Duck-A-Ma-Phone, printable activities, and a section about global warming. The site is part of the larger Alligator Boogaloo webpage created by Jerrold Conners.

Kids F.A.C.E.
Kids For A Clean Environment (Kids F.A.C.E.®) is an international children’s environmental organization started in 1989 by a nine-year-old child. The club, with a current membership of 300,000 worldwide, was established to help children who want to learn more about the world in which they live, provide a way for children to be involved in the protection of nature, and connect children with other children who share their concerns about global environmental issues.

Kids Regeneration Network.
“Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people” is the slogan that describes what is all about. Kidsregen contains information about healthy living and responsible care for the planet and its resources. Family-centered activities encourage young people to discover that what little they are able to do to save earth’s resources does make a difference.

MBGnet-Kids Page.
The Missouri Botanical Gardens site allows kids to explore different biomes as well as freshwater and marine ecosystems.

My First Garden
This “guide to the world of fun and clever gardening” offers information and hands-on guidance about flowers, vegetables and the principles of horticulture.

POPClock Projection.
A daily update of the U.S. population by the U.S. Census Bureau. For more information go to the U.S. Census Home Page at

Sierra Club.
This site offers a number of pages on forests, trees, and the air. The Sierra Club is a nonprofit, member-supported, public-interest organization that promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions—legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral.

This site is all about snow crystals and snowflakes–what they are, where they come from, and just how these remarkably complex and beautiful structures are created, quite literaly, out of thin air.

The Green Squad.
Maintained by the Natural Resources Defense Council, this site helps kids to understand environmental and health issues as they relate to their schools.

The Weather Dude.
A weather page especially for kids, parents, and teachers from KSTW-TV weather forecaster Nick Walker. Includes musical meteorology.

Tox Town
This site covers toxic chemicals and health risks in the various environmental settings of the city, the farm, a port, and those found on the US/Mexico border.

Everything you want to know about tsunamis (tidal waves).

USA Today Weather.
Weather by USA Today news.

Ways of Knowing Trail.
Take an environmental adventure with four local children through the Ituri Forest in central Africa.

Weather Wiz Kids.
A veritable wealth of weather information that includes a glossary, terms, jokes, experiments, folklore, an “ask” section, and even access to Doppler sites, hurricane tracking charts, and charts for wind chill, heat index, and temperature conversions.