Teens, College and Career

Home schooling your child till they are ready to take a career is a huge responsibility. There are many people who question the effectiveness of this program but many proved them wrong. Based on a survey, 90% of the homeschoolers with PHAA (PA Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency) diplomas attended college, and only 10% attended trade school. The increase number of college application from homeschoolers is proof enough that homeschooling is as effective as sending your child in a school.

Keeping your child motivated is another challenge and as a parent there are many ways to keep them interested. The main goal is to get them ready to face the real world outside homeschool and being able to stand on their own. So here are some tips that will help you and your child get ready for college.

1. Putting emphasis on math, reading and writing is the key to get your homeschooler ready for college. These are the basic knowledge one should have and the rest will just follow. This valuable knowledge will come handy in making your child’s resume and application. Parents should impose a reading list for self-motivation and widen their interest. The more books they read, the more topics they can talk about during their college interview. Having a wide variety of reading materials and movies can help your child be well rounded student.

2. Taking a class outside homeschooling. A class in a community college or taking an informal class is a great way to learn new skills. Through these classes your children will be able to learn self-reliance which is essential in navigating the college system Online Pokies. These extra classes are big confidence booster that could help your child’s social interaction. Not to mention that informal classes could give them extra points in college application.

3. Research for educational options. Some parents prepare for their child’s higher education as early as 12 or 13 years old. This preparation could give them an edge to find the right college education and opportunities. This will give them an ample time to decide for their course as they explore their interests. Once they are decided you can pattern your homeschooling according to their chosen majors. In that way you can avoid learning gaps in your teen’s education.

4. Keep a learning portfolio. Keeping a journal of your child’s achievements and learning activities is essential for college application. There are many ways to document your child’s accomplishments and one of which is through blogging. This way you can just update for new entry and upload videos that will showcase your child’s learning curve.

5. Recommendations from other mentors. Staying in touch to your child’s former mentors is always a good thing. These people can give you valuable feedback and they could come handy when you need a letter of recommendation. These mentors could be your child’s troop leader in a boy scout, team leader in his volunteer work or a former teacher. Their recommendations carry more weight compare to yours and this is the reason that keeping them in your child’s life is very important.

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