Teaching Tips

Being a good mom does not mean that you are a good teacher. Teaching is whole new different level that every mom should know before embarking to homeschooling. A homeschool teacher is an academic teacher, spiritual adviser, education administrator, friend and a parent all rolled into one. With all these challenges and roles to play it’s no surprise that not all parents will accept the challenge. Yes, it is overwhelming to play all those roles but if you want to see the brighter side of being a homeschool teacher you will realize that there is no better teacher for your child but you.

As a parent educator you will be able to monitor your child’s progress and give your full attention to his/her needs. A school teacher could not do that, but you can! There is no better reward as a parent than to see you child excels in all his/her endeavors. So to jumpstart you homeschooling career here’s a few tips you need to consider in order to create a learning environment for your child.

State’s Requirements. Every state has their own home schooling requirements, so make sure to do your research before you start planning for your next move. You can connect with some homeschooling moms in your area to get valuable advice on how to run your own homeschool. This is also the time to assess your capabilities if you can handle the demands of being a parent educator. Will you be able to find time for yourself and other members of the family after homeschooling? Do you have the time and energy to do what is needed to homeschool your child? All these concerns should be recognized before you will commit yourself to the job.

Create a Suitable Environment. Provide a learning space for you and your child that will help you focus on the task at hand. It could be in the house library or your child’s room or in the dining room as long as it provides comfort and minimal distractions. Make sure that all materials for the class are within reach – like your blackboard, chalk, art materials, computer and other things that you need for your lesson. The play area should be different from the place where you held your lesson, so that your child will know that once he is in the learning area there is no time to play.

Research. Everyday is a learning process. As a teacher you need to update yourself with the latest trend in teaching and to learn several teaching procedures that can help you attain your purpose. If you need to take course that could enhance your effectiveness as a teacher, take it! In the process you also learn something new and improve yourself. Learn to understand your child’s behavior, needs and capabilities. Understand the every child learns differently, and as a mom you know how your child operates and what makes them tick.

Be Flexible. To be a good teacher, someone has to be flexible because there are things that are beyond your control. Your flexibility to adapt on whatever situation is essential to your child’s learning process.