Literacy Centers

Literacy Centers

Just like anyone else parents also needs time to reboot in order to keep up with their kid’s never-ending energy. But parents also need to surround themselves with people who knows what they going through, like a support group. Although finding the right one takes time but once you found it things will just get better. Homeschool groups come in all shapes and sizes, so take your time to find the right one where you fit right in. This is the group where you can share your experiences without any judgement, who will give you support in times when you needed them and give you valuable information to make your homeschool a lot better.

These groups are pretty easy to find, you can start by asking other homeschooling moms or you can check online. Google always has a way of finding things and you might be surprise how many groups are available within your area or state. But if you live in rural areas it is sometimes impossible to find any group, so what other parents do is to join an online support group. Having virtual friends is not as different as finding new people to connect with. Once you find the right group for you, finding the right literacy center is the next step. Let’s face it, you don’t have the answer for everything and there are learning areas that your kid needs to work on. Designed to provide multiple opportunities for students; these centers is the perfect place to develop their reading and writing skills. A place where they can collaborate with other kids and participate in meaningful experiences.

So here some literacy centers that can do miracles in areas where your homeschooler is struggling.

Literacy Center Education Network – This center is dedicated to design excellent education experience and develop your children’s self-esteem and love for learning. This is where they are allowed to create something, and you will be amazed how your kids are capable of doing. The center creates an atmosphere where parents, teacher and children play and learn together. Their mission is to inspire and engage learning activities for preschool-age children.

Reading Rockets – The site offers a wide collection of reading strategies, lessons and activities. It is designed to help the young minds to love the art of reading and to read better. The center also provides reading resources that aids teachers and parents to help a struggling reader by helping them build their vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.

Community Literacy Center – The center’s mission is to create alternative literacy opportunities so they can educate and impower those who can’t afford to have proper education. They strive to create a wide range of sustainable community-based literacy programs. Through these program they are able to promote community action and social change A literacy center with a cause.

Prekinders – Founded by Karen Cox, this literacy site believes in hands-on, play-based learning. It offers a wide array of printable materials from pre-school to kindergarten. The site also features hand-on printable learning materials that you can use for classroom, homeschool or even in the library.