Black Baseball’s Negro League.
Learn about the origins of the Negro Baseball League: what they were, why they were founded, and why they no longer exist.

International Tennis Federation.
“It will also become a comprehensive library of current information including player biographies, results, rankings, Davis Cup, Fed Cup, and other team competition results.” Excellent section of rules of tennis. Easy navigating.

Judo Information Site.
You’ve entered the lobby of the world’s biggest virtual Judo club, with the most complete information about the sport and art of Judo on the Internet.
Get advice on training, see photos and stories about famous runners, check the calendar for upcoming runs and races, and find links to other running sites.

Major League Baseball.
The official site of Major League Baseball has an enormous amount of information, including details on both the National and American Leagues as well as statistics, photos, and league leaders.

Major League Soccer.
The official site of Major League Soccer includes statistics and information about teams. An excellent section of information for coaches that raises issues of behavior and skills development.

Melpomene Institute’s GirlWise.
The nonprofit organization bearing Melpomene’s name was established in 1982 and is dedicated to educating people about the relationship between women’s health and physical activity.

National Baseball Hall of Fame.
An outstanding site that provides a valuable history of the game of baseball.

National Basketball Association (NBA).
The official site for all National Basketball Association (NBA) teams contains information on games and players.

National Football League (NFL).
Official site of the NFL provides the latest news and statistics.

National Hockey League (NHL).
Official site of the National Hockey League has statistics and information on players and games.

Play Sports TV
Like sports? This website has many instructional videos for sports like skateboarding, soccer, football, basketball and more.
“ provides all the information you need to start and improve your walking program and increase your awareness of other events in the walking community.“

Special Olympics Public Website.
Special Olympics provides sports training and athletic competition to one million people with mental retardation. Read biographies of athletes and coaches, read news articles, locate a local chapter, volunteer, or make a donation.

Sport Science @ the Exploratorium.
Learn about the game and the science behind it. Interviews with scientists and the NHL Sharks’ hockey players and coaches! Learn the science behind a home run.

Sports Illustrated for Kids.
Click here to get the latest issue online.

The Ancient Olympic Games.
In this exhibit, you can compare ancient and modern Olympic sports, tour the site of Olympia as it looks today, learn about the context of the Games and the Olympic spirit, or read about the Olympic athletes who were famous in ancient times. Part of the Perseus Project at Tufts University.

United States Fencing Association.
Enormous amount of information on a sport that is not as well known as some of the highly popular professional sports. Easily navigated.

USA Track and Field.
This is a rich site of the United States Track & Field Organization. Filled with information and statistics. Includes sections on juniors and the Olympics.

Woman’ National Basketball Association (WNBA).
Everybody knows the NBA, but do you know about the Women’s NBA?