Reading Printables

Bright, smart and confident children are always a joy to be around. But not all children are like that, which makes us think what is missing and what we can do about it. These children are a product of well thought homeschooling practices and upgraded academic curriculums. With the growing popularity of homeschooling, parents are getting more proactive in putting their child’s education into their hands.

Like science and math, reading is one of the most important subject that any homeschooler should be focus about. Teaching your child the art of reading is the time where both of you can create stronger bond while reaping the benefits of reading. Toddlers and pre-schoolers are the best age where parents can start teaching their kids. And literature based printables are the perfect reading materials to stimulate learning. Also known as the “whole language programs”, literature-based reading program uses an effective method that is from the basal program. With this approach children have the freedom to choose what books to read which makes them an effective reader and writer.
So here are a few literature-based printables that will put some colors and laughter in your next homeschool lesson.

Reading Story Cube – Anything that something to do with cutting, folding and pasting is always fun. This origami cube will teach your child patience as he/she rolls the cube for reading activities.

Writing a Letter to an Author – This fun activity encourages your child to make a fan mail. They will learn how to spell and construct sentences. Parents also have an opportunity to teach them the parts of a letter and the steps of mailing it. The kids will also have a great time finding their favourite part of the book so they can include it in the mail.

Reading – Real or Fantasy – This free printables allows your homeschooler to tell the difference between fantasy and real. This activity will also teach them how to read short and simple sentences.

Text-Self Connections – This activity will go hand in hand with any books your child is currently reading. The challenge for this is to find words from the book and relate to the word. By doing this you will gage your child’s word comprehension.

Task Discussion Cards – After reading a story or a book, these printable cards will give a task to your homeschooler. These cards contain questions about the story and what they learned about it.

Synonym and Antonym Worksheets – This is a great activity to teach your children about synonyms and antonyms. Another valuable lesson for this activity is by expanding your child’s vocabulary.

Synonym Game – A fun way to learn words with the same meaning, synonym game is another vocabulary game. Parents can use this activity to teach spelling and right pronunciation of the word.

Dolch Word List Worksheets and Activities – These free worksheets contains 220 common words and 95 nouns that can be found in children’s books. Being familiar with these common words are essential in early reading development of your homeschooler.

Reading Printables