Literature Printables

According to the words of C.S. Lewis, “We read to know we are not alone.” Teaching your child during their early age to love reading is the best thing you could do for your children. Introducing them to literature books is the perfect foundation for their imagination. Through reading, they get to know what others think and changes the way they look at world. With the help of these books they can expand their vocabulary and parents can discuss difficult words with them. Reading literature is no doubt essential in the child’s developing cognitive skills. This particular skill is vital to the child’s early development, in other for him or her to function well in school or in work setting.

Reading literature makes your child appreciate cultural heritage, as well as other cultures. Thanks to these reading materials your child will be able to nurture their creative side and develop emotional intelligence. It also nurtures growth when it comes to developing their personality and their social skills. And one important advantage of literature is that your child will be able to spread the importance of reading and pass it on to the next generation.

So here are some great literature printables that your child will find interesting.

First Sentence: Burrough’s Tarzan of the Apes (upper elementary/middle school) – This activity offers a great opportunity for your child to use his or her imagination. Just by using their answers from the questions provided they will make a story using those first few lines. A perfect activity to jumpstart your child’s writing skills.

Literature Circles Job: Connector – This free printable challenges homeschoolers to find a connection between the outside world and the book they are currently reading. An activity the encourage them to find a connection between what they read and their own life.

Literature Circles – Travel Tracer – This activity teaches your child to track down the place where a particular action takes place. They need to describe the location down to the last detail by using picture maps and words. This is an effective method for them to use their adjectives and other parts of speech.

Book: Charlotte’s Web The Beginning (elem/middle school) – Your child will get the chance to read a classic literature, Charlotte Web. This activity will guide your child on every chapter of the book by providing a series of questions to make them fully understand what the chapter is all about.

Froggy’s First Kiss – With Unscramble letters, this activity will help your child identify the correct order of letters to form a word. Your child’s spelling skills will be put to test in this activity.

Book: Midnight on the Moon – To widen your child’s vocabulary, this activity will test their skill by matching the right words with their meaning. With the help of the book Midnight on the Moon, they will answer a series of questions about the book.

Book Summary Form – Parents can use any books and provide this printable worksheet. This activity will test their summary skills by answering series of questions about the setting, characters, conflict and conclusion.

Other Literature Printable Resources: