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Language Arts Printables

The proper use of grammar, the art of storytelling and learning vocabulary are just one of the few advantages of language arts. Parents should never underestimate the importance of language arts because this is the basis of your child’s communication skills. It develops direct communication of thoughts and feelings, and it encourages communication of certain emotions. Most people go through adult life without knowing how to communicate their emotions and you don’t want that for your children. With the use of language arts they can easily convey their thoughts and emotions comfortably and with ease.

In most curriculums, language arts is made to develop your child reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, listening, phonics, storytelling and speaking skills. So in order for you to achieve these goals you need to come up with an effective homeschooling resources for language arts. These free printable resources will help you organize your daily activities and provide you valuable information for smooth sailing lessons. So here are some websites you can check out for free printables.

Alphabet Coloring Pages – This language arts exercise will help your child recognize alphabet letters by coloring them. Each letter comes with cover page that features 9 pages of alphabets to color.

Author Worksheets and Coloring Pages – What about Dr. Seuss? Now your child can learn about their favourite authors thanks to this free printables. It features a wide selection of activity pages, worksheets and coloring pages to get to know their beloved authors and their amazing works. Get up close and personal with Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott and Frances Hodgson Burnett. Now learning literature could be as fun as learning a new game.

Fairy Tales Printables – This worksheet will help your child recognize letters and groups of letters by searching names of fairy tales character.

Lets’ Play Library – This is a fun activity for kids that will encourage to pretend play. This printables are designed to enhance creativity and imagination. Now playing library is fun as they will practice how to write, read and spell while having fun.

Mary Had a Little Lamb Craft and Coloring Pages – This classic poem is a perfect recall exercise for your homeschooler. Through this activity they will be able to memorize the poem, pronounce the word properly and identify the words. And not just that, the kit also provides a coloring and crafts printables .

Color Makes a Difference Mini Poster – Learning new words is sometimes very tiring for kids who just want to play and color all day. So this activity is perfect solution for this dilemma. Now words can be as colourful as summer as they use the mini poster to identify verbs, adjectives and nouns that used to describe the four seasons.

Create a Family News Letter – Writing is more fun when you are writing about your family. This activity encourages all members of the family to contribute something. This printable is complete with a headline and columns where you can insert images and texts. This two-page newsletter can be used as a gift to family and friends.

Other Useful Language Arts Printables