Typically known as a group activity, journalism is now possible even if you are homeschooling. Now your homeschoolers will be able to produce a newspaper, magazine and even start a blog just by taking a short course about journalism. This is a perfect activity where homeschooler can improve their writing skills. And not just that, they will be able to tell the difference between fact and opinion. With this day and age, there are many things that could confuse your homeschooler especially in the internet world. So learning the truth based on facts from opinion is essential as they go through their lives after homeschooling.

Most of the courses online covers the basic of journalism; from news writing down to editorial writing. The course also features modern techniques of newspaper production, mass media, journalistic styles and ethics. Through this your homeschooler will be able to hone their editing abilities, photography for photojournalism and drawing. They will learn the art of making a layout and design by being attentive to details and be creative.

So where can you get short-term journalism courses? With so many resources online anyone can be confused on what’s best for their homeschoolers. So here are some journalism printables that offers wide range of journalistic activities.

Journalism: A Write It Activity – This printable activity offer a whole new experience for homeschoolers who wants to experience publishing opportunities, writing exercise, message boards and creative ideas. This printable will help students to find their voice and harness to writing skills while writing journalistic pieces. This is also an interactive activity where they can chat with other fellow writer and get valuable feedback on their writing.

The Great Depression – This activity will help students to get a closer look about the Great Depression. Its objective s to truly understand the economic aspect of the Great Depression, its social impact and to use their writing skills and strategies.

Solving Mysteries – The main goal of this activity is to make students understand the importance of narrative account. It means to understand more about poems and stories. They will learn about deductive reporting skills and how to be able to reach logical conclusions. This activity will help them strengthen their reading skills and use general writing strategies.

Five W’s of Journalism – This activity will not just test the student’s writing skills but their reporting skills as well. They get to know to write in a newspaper and learn how to gather information and use it for research purposes.

Journalist of the Past – This will be a culminating activity where students will put together what they learned in the entire course. They will get the chance to work with other student where they can do research together and write newspaper article.

Explore the Past…With People – This activity will test their interviewing skills as they are task to paired up with another student. Then each one of them will pay as interviewee and interviewer.

Connecting Past and Present – This activity will teach students about the issues that surrounds during the Great Depression. They will make use matching type kind of test and fill-in-the-blanks to gather more information.