Printable Event Calendars

Printable Event Calendars

The Event Calendars are mainly used for the purpose of recording dates of events like concerts, field trips, goals, appointment and more. These calendars might involve the use of a single or double sheet of paper. They are available in formats like landscape and portrait.

While the portrait format provides a block for one month, the landscape format provides a space for one day. The event calendar is printed in a vertical manner in the portrait format and is printed in a horizontal manner in the landscape format.

In case of an All Purpose Event Calendar, the year and a title can be typed, before printing. In both the formats, you can avail the option of one-page or two-page event calendar. In the one-page calendar, the months are divided into columns and there are 31 rows, signifying the number of days. In case of those months not having 31 days, the extra day is marked by grey colour, signifying it to be invalid. The only difference between the one-page and two-page calendar is that the months are divided into two pages, providing more space for recording information.

Since the landscape format provides a small space for each day, it is useful for mapping the school year. The portrait format provides space for one month, hence, there are no columns and the rows only denote the months. The calendar acts as an event planner and also provides a heading to mark the period of the events taking place.


Horizontal Event Calendars

Single Page Event Calendars

Two Page Event Calendars