Homeschool Calendars

Homeschool Calendars – An Important Aspect of Homeschool Planning

Homeschool Calendars are important for the purpose of initial planning of the school year. Majority of the school calendars start in the months of January, May, June, July, August and September. Apart from the 13-month School Calendars, all school calendars do not begin in these months.

The Home School Calendars are available in various types. The Blue Calendar is a 12-month calendar, in which the months are placed in a pattern of three columns and four rows. The months do not run down the page, rather across the page. This calendar begins in months like January, June, July, August and September and ends after 12 months. It is mainly available in a combination of blue and white, with the weekends marked in blue and weekdays marked in white.

In the Ruled Calendar, there are 12 months, which are divided into two columns. Besides every calendar block a small ruled space is provided for writing notes or reminders. In this calendar, the starting months are June, July and August. There are a few differences between the 12-month ruled calendar and the 13-month ruled calendar. On the upper left-hand side part of a 13-month ruled calendar there is blank header space that can be used for writing a title. Owing to this header space, the calendar can be utilised as an anniversary and birthday calendar or a personal calendar. The 13-month calendars begin in months like January, June, July, August and September. The 13-Month Custom calendar can be availed by those who require a different starting month.

The Clean Calendar also has months placed in two columns. The 12 months are placed in such a manner that there are neat wide margins, thereby giving the name ‘Clean’ calendar. June, July and August are the beginning months of the Clean Calendar. The wide margins can be used for the purpose of writing various notes.

In case of the 12-month Vertical Green Calendar, there is a type-able header. The months are placed side by side, across the page and the days are placed in the column of the month, meaning all the days of July are marked in the column of July. July and August are the starting months. While the non-days are marked by grey colour, the weekends are marked by green. The 13-month calendars do not have a type-able header and only the date and the word ‘calendar’ is written on it. The beginning months of this calendar are May, June, July, August and September. This calendar is suitable for a year-rounder, who begins in the middle of the month. A ruled space is there at the calendar’s bottom, which is labelled as key and can easily be used for notes. Key refers to the abbreviation of common items like ‘A’ could be the abbreviation for ‘Appointment’.

The other two kinds of calendars used by homeschool planners are the Papyrus calendar and the Portfolio Calendar. The Papyrus Calendar is basically one year calendar, in which the months are divided into two columns and each month has a writing space beside it. The Papyrus Calendar begins in the month of January. On the other hand, the Portfolio Calendar begins in the months of January, June, July and August.


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