The Homeschool Unit Study Planner

The Homeschool Unit Study Planner  

The Unit Study Planner is useful for planning unit studies. This planner consists of several pages. The first page is the unit title and contains space for providing information about the subjects, grade levels, overview of the unit, time frame of unit, standards addressed and objectives. Note down how many days or days per week you want to utilize for this unit. There is also space for providing any kind of comments.

The second page consists of the materials lists. It provides space for mentioning the videos, books, software, tools, worksheets, supplies and websites used in the lesson. The third page contains space for typing words or definitions, bible verses and reference books or research resources.

The fourth page is meant for storing information about the field trips. While on the fifth page, space for details about the projects, labs and other activities are provided; the sixth page offers space for writing details about the assignments. Finally, the seventh or the last page includes a Homeschool Planner.


Unit Study Planner (7 pages)