Homeschool Subject Checklist Form I

Homeschool Subject Checklist Form I

The Subject Checklist Form helps you to know about what has been done and what ought to be done, by just a single glance. Originally, the checklists were meant to be used in the Subject Planner. In case of the Subject Planner, the lesson plans are not grouped by week but by subject. The subject checklist form saves the effort of turning the page, on a daily basis. The use of this checklist is also interesting to the students as it helps them with time management and in keeping a tab on their daily work.

The Homeschool Subject Checklist Form involves writing your child’s subjects, on the left-hand side of the checklist. There is also space for adding subjects like software programs that might be done by your child occasionally and even, chores can be added. In this case, the number of times these things needs to be done in a week should also be noted. When one of the subjects is done by your child, the box below the date should be marked.

For one quarter or 9 weeks, the checklist’s upper portion should be used and for the next quarter, the lower portion of the checklist should be used. The checklist provides sufficient squares for one quarter. The weeks can be dated and even, notes can be made. For example, a tick might represent doing the subject everyday and a symbol might stand for something else. There is a place at the bottom to mark the legends. Above each week, a date can be placed in any suitable manner. At the top of the form, the name, grade and academic year of the child can be mentioned. If the checklist is printed on both sides of a paper, it is capable of providing sufficient space for an entire school year.

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 Subject Checklist Form I