Attendance Forms

Attendance Forms

Those who want to keep a tab on the attendance of children can avail any one of the four kinds of Attendance Forms. The 2-Page Dated Attendance Form is capable of keeping one student’s attendance records. This attendance form enables you to keep track of the student’s attendance for one semester. The form is designed in such a manner that you maintain attendance totals for not only each semester but also for each week and month. It mentions the semester and academic grade at the top and enables one to write the name and grade of the student. The forms span a period of one year or 12 months and usually begin in the months of July and August.

The Colonial Planner or 3-Page Attendance Form is considered to be the best looking of all the available attendance forms. Each page consists of four months. On the top of each page, there is provision for writing the name, grade and academic year of the student. It also provides the option of keeping a track on the weekly and monthly total. The box provided for writing the total attendance for the semester is placed at the bottom of the form, along with the provision of date and signature of the homeschool teacher. The starting months of this attendance form are June and July.

In comparison to the 2-page and 3-page attendance forms, the 180 Days Attendance Form has got a very plain look. This basic form comprises of some 180 squares. You can easily keep a tab on the attendance by writing the date in the provided square. At the top, it provides provision for writing the name, address, grade, academic year and phone number of student. At the bottom, there is provision for the signature and date of the homeschool teacher.

The other type of attendance form is a Ruled Calendar with a heading ‘Student Attendance’. Since this calendar begins in the month of June, July and August, the attendance can be recorded from these months only. Apart from the heading, the top of the calendar provides provision for writing the name and grade of the student and mentions the academic year. There is some ruled space at the bottom and on the right hand side of the box of each month, for the purpose of writing notes and reminders.

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180 Day Attendance Form

Dated Attendance Form

Ruled Attendance Form