Homeschool Organizer and Planner

Homeschool Organizer and Planner

The Homeschool Planner is basically a complete organizer for school assignments, record keeping, appointments, family menu planning and lesson planning. Homeschool Planners can be downloaded for free and used.

The various kinds of Homeschool organizer and planners are Menu Planner, Weekly Planner, Month View Calendars, To Do List, Chore Chart, High School Course Planner, Reading List, Unschooling Record Keeper, Assignment Sheet, Unit Study Planner, Weekly Assignments and more.

The Monthly Calendars are divided into five rows and seven columns and a block is assigned to each day of the month. Important plans or notes can be written down in the space provided by the block. In case of the Yearly Calendars, a small amount of space for notes is provided at the sides and base of each month.

The Weekly Planner is divided into two columns. The first column provides space for writing the ‘To Do List’. The second column is the larger one and is divided into seven rows, denoting each day of the week. Each row has space for noting down the plans of the week. At the top of the planner, there is space for writing the date of the opening day of the week, that is, Sunday and date of the closing day of the week, that is, Saturday. It is advisable to copy the previous week’s incomplete items to the present week.

The Menu Planner is very similar to the Weekly Planner, except for the fact that the space for the To Do List is replaced by the Grocery List. In case of the Menu Planner, the items from the grocery list should also be copied to the next planner, for convenience.

The Weekly Assignment Sheet is available usually in three variations. This planner comes with either one, two or three columns. Each column is meant for a child. You can avail any of them, as per your requirement. This planner is useful for giving assignments for a week to your child and let him or her do the task at his or her pace, all through the week.

The Unit Study Planner is useful in organizing resources and planning your unit initially. By the help of this planner, all the resources can be arranged, goals for the unit can be set and thus, the unit can be organized. To record lesson plans, the Unit Study Log can be availed. Its columns provide space for listing the activity, the date, the amount of time planned, notes or any other supplies required for the activity.


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