Homeschool Journal Pages

Homeschool Journal Pages

Journals help homeschoolers to keep track of daily records. You can use various kinds of printable journal pages matching the type of records you want to keep. The printable journal pages given here with various designs can be used in the journal notebooks.

The Journal pages with Outlines and Borders are very popular. They involve designed borders with images of animals, insects, funny characters and objects. There are some border designs that do not form borders at all sides but only at the upper and lower sides. In some journal pages, coloured lines are used instead of the usual black colours to match the border colours.

The Designed Journal Pages can also be made with the help of images from online clip art galleries. The images can be placed at the edges of the border, at the opposite corners or at all four corners. It can also be placed just at the lower portion or at the upper two corners and in the lower middle portion. The images can be floral designs or funny faces of animals and flowers. You can also use images representing different months of the year or days of the week to put up in your Journal pages. For example, you can use an image of a brown leaf for the fall season and some snowman images to represent the winter. An image of a laughing sun can be used to represent the summer too. The page can also have an elaborate border design and the ruled lines can be situated as per the shape of the borders.

Journal Pages with Titles are available in different types. The journal meant for the High School Years have a title in the header portion of the page. At the upper left-hand side of the journal, there is an empty space that is meant for drawing a picture, quote or other things. Under the title, the page provides space for the name of the student and the date. The Daily Log Planner consists of ruled space and provides space for the date and name of the student. The Daily Journal Planner has columns for stating the list and the date and day. In these kinds of planners, the title can easily be changed, as per your requirements.

The Plain Journal pages are basically ruled paper that comes with no borders or headings. Some of the pages have two columns, which are either evenly spaced or is narrower than the other. The Plain Journal pages are also available with three columns.


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