Grade Records of Homeschoolers

Grade Records of Homeschoolers

Keeping Records of Grades is an important part of Homeschooling. Various kinds of forms are available for maintaining the homeschool grade records. It can be easily prepared by means of spreadsheet program like Excel and OpenOffice. The grades of the child can easily be calculated by means of the Grades Form. In fact, this report record form is specifically designed for homeschoolers wanting to keep up with attendance and grades.

The Ten Subject Grade Form is used for recording grades of one child, for a maximum of 10 subjects. The form is keyed but not to planners. The form is available in a combination of two colors. It is marked from Monday to Friday and is broken at an interval of 3 weeks. Therefore, it enables the grades to be averaged at an interval of three weeks, six weeks and one year. A separate column is designated for writing the average. On the left-hand side, space is provided for writing the name of the subjects. The name, grade and academic year of the student can be written at the top of the form.

The second page of this form consists of an additional column for writing the final grade. You can just put the name of the subject in each group’s first cell and the name would appear automatically in the remaining ones. While each box in the average column puts the average marks of the week, the final grade states the total average marks of all the weeks. Each colored section is meant for one subject. For example, the first white portion stands for the math subject, the next colored section stands for the spelling subject, the third white section stands for social studies subject and so on. If Pokies there is a need to note the grade’s source, referencing the grades is considered to be essential.

The Single Subject Grade Form is meant for one child. It records the grades of a single subject, in one school year. This keyed form is divided into semesters. Therefore, the grades can be averaged not only in each semester but also, in two weeks and one year. The form also provides space for grade scale. At the top of the form, there is space for writing the name, grade, subject and academic year of the student. The form consists of columns for mentioning the marks, average and notes. There are boxes for writing the average for the semesters and the final grade. At the bottom, there is provision for writing the date, signature and grade scale. The form provides six spaces for notes, projects or other things. The cells are keyed, in terms of days and weeks. Moreover, Roman numerals are used to note the days.

The Saxon Grade Forms are divided into two halves. The first half provide columns for lessons, tests and supplemental. The name, grade and academic year of the student can be written at the top of the form. The second half provides space for the drill sheet time. The Saxon Algebra Grades Form is a bit more elaborate. It is meant for recording the grades of two semesters and includes columns for lessons weight, lessons average, tests, weekly average and comments. Boxes are provided for stating the grade of the first semester, second semester and the final grade. The Report Card or Grade Card mentions the grade and certifies the promotion of the student.


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