1492: An Ongoing Voyage: Columbus.
This Library of Congress exhibition examines the first contacts between Native American people and European explorers, conquerors and settlers from 1492 to 1600.

Archiving Early America: Historic Documents from 18th Century America.
The main focus is primary source material displayed digitally. A unique array of original newspapers, maps, and writings come to life on your screen just as they appeared to our forebears more than 200 years ago. There is information about the documents as well.

Caleb Johnson’s Mayflower Web Pages.
This site is the merging of two fields: genealogy and history. It includes detailed information on history, passengers, and documents of the Mayflower. Also contains pictures and bibliographies.

California’s Untold Stories Gold Rush.
Presented by the Oakland Museum of California, this site offers an interactive learning experience for elementary level children through adults to experience and educate themselves about this important period in American history.

Civil War Women.
Opportunities to read diaries, documents, and letters revealing women’s lives and experiences during the Civil War. Includes links to great historical photos.

This site provides information about many aspects of the American Civil War based upon artifacts from the Smithsonian’s collections. Clicking on the dotted square icon at the top of each subject area page allows access to images of selected items along with insights into the featured documents, photos, and artifacts of the era.

Colonial Williamsburg.
Visit Colonial Williamsburg and see life in a Virginia colony of 250 years ago. Includes a large educational section on Colonial America.

Exploring Maryland’s Roots.
Learn about Maryland’s pre-colonial and early colonial history through this interactive site.

Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark.
Join Lewis & Clark as a private on this interactive journey. “Did you know” and “Journal” icons can be clicked for additional information.

Lewis and Clark Expedition.
This Web site expands upon every aspect of the PBS film, providing a wealth of biographical and historical information about the time and the major and minor participants in the trip. In addition, leading historical experts will share their thoughts about the meaning of the expedition, and its relevance to 21st century America. Finally, in an interactive tale, you’ll have an opportunity to play the roles of Lewis and Clark yourself.

Liberty’s Kids
This site offers information and games about the history of the American Revolution.

Shades of Gray.
This site details the commercialization process of Stone Mountain Park, formerly a memorial to leaders of the Confederacy during the American Civil War.

The American Civil War.
Learn about American Civil War battles, life stories of important participants, re-enactments, and more.

The Civil War Net.
This is a very large collection of well-organized links to people, battles, and documents, including letters and diaries of those connected to the Civil War. Also includes reenactment photos and links to many original photos.

The Oregon Trail.
The story of the trail and those who traveled it. A compendium on the great western journey. Includes great stories in the Fantastic Facts section. Related to the PBS program on the Oregon Trail.

Underground Railroad (National Geographic).
You are a slave in the South before the Civil War. Should you risk escape with Harriet Tubman’s help through the Underground Railroad to Canada? Now you must choose.

Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War.
This is the gateway into the story of the Civil War as seen by the people of two communities in the Great Valley of the United States: Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and Augusta County, Virginia. This project weaves together the histories of these two places, separated by a few hundred miles and the Mason-Dixon Line.

Virtual Reality Tours of the Historical, Scientific, and Cultural Sites of Philadelphia.
This site, presented by the Gilbert Spruance Elementary School, takes you on a virtual tour of Philadelphia, our nation’s first capital.