Various Kinds of Household Planners Menu Planner, Shopping Planner

Various Kinds of Household Planners – Menu Planner, Shopping Planner

Various kinds of menus can be planned, as per the demands of the family or availability of the groceries. The Canned Menu is capable of providing meal possibilities to a family for one month. While planning for canned menu, the entire menu’s grocery list should be made. For meal possibilities, ideas can be derived from everyday cooked food and cookbooks.

The Menu Planner can be used for organizing another meal plan called a running meal log. In most of the cases, the basic menu plans do not work either because of shortage of time to cook the meal or shortage of ingredients as it has been eaten by someone. The menu list can resemble a restaurant menu if the entrees are categorised by type and side dishes are grouped separately. Homemakers usually prefer the usage of coloured chalks to write the menu.

The Block Type Menu Planner is meant for one week, including the four meals of the seven days. The planner is divided into seven rows and four columns, mentioning the days and meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Each block enables you to write the planned menu. There are also planners that enable you to plan for a single meal in all the days of the week. For example, the Monthly Lunch menu provides six columns as per the weekdays and weekends and five rows as per a month, for planning the lunch menu. This kind of menu is available in various designs.

The “Week Of” Menu provides space for mentioning the week at the top. The space for menu is classified into five columns, from Monday to Friday. Below it, there is space for writing about ingredients, reminders and miscellaneous things. At the end of the page, there are two columns for Saturday and Sunday. The space is provided for writing about the weekend plans or menus and also, there is a space for writing notes.

The 2-Page Plans and List is useful for making meal plans and the shopping list of ingredients required for it. The file is designed in such a manner that it will be printed in a back to back manner so that it can be cut off from the middle. There is another kind of plans and list that has the same design but is available in numbered rows.

The Grocery List is also of immense help. In this list, the main items are written and a tick can be made beside the required items so that nothing is forgotten while shopping for the essential items. The items are usually written under a category. For example, eggs, milk, butter, etc. belong to the category of dairy. The use of Daily List and Daily Memorandum can also be availed to write the items needed to be bought. The page also contains a memorandum for all the seven days of the week, providing space for each day.

Those lists can also be availed that are just meant for listing the shopping items. A Weekly Shopping List provides space for mentioning the week at the top of the page. The list is divided in to four sections, namely, refrigerated goods, frozen goods, dried and canned goods and miscellaneous goods. At the bottom of the page, there is a ruled space for writing notes.


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