Homeschool Goals and Objectives Forms

Homeschool Goals and Objectives Forms

The Goals and Objectives Form can be prepared for both long and short periods of time. The forms are useful in creating custom curriculum or for taking notes of your broad goals for your child in that school year. Besides academic goals, other goal forms can also be created for personal improvement, personal growth, character development and many more. The objectives and goals are usually made at the start of the year. Depending on the work and work habits of your child, the goals can also be made during the year.

The Objectives Planner is useful for taking notes of things, on which your child needs to work. The Homeschool Objectives Form can be used both for long term period and short term period. It is advisable to review objectives, within a span of every six weeks. You can easily print these forms and place them in between the lesson planner pages of six weeks duration. For making comments regarding the objectives, the backs can be printed with a ruled file.

At the top of the Objectives Form, there is provision for writing the name of the student, the period of weeks during which the objectives will be maintained and the date of making the objectives. The form provides space for writing the objectives, with respect to Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. Two extra spaces are provided for writing down other objectives.

The Homeschool Goals Planner is designed in such a manner that the top of the page provides space for writing the name, year and grade of the student. Also, there are two columns that are meant for writing the goals and the books and materials. The Homeschool Goals Form is similar to the Homeschool Objectives Form but Pokies has a different layout. It enables one to set various assignments or goals, along with the resources and books. The Classic Goals Form has provisions for writing the name of the student and the subject. There are also two columns, one of which is meant for goals and the other for comments or resources.

Another kind of Goals Planner is also available. Apart from the usual columns designated for goals and books and materials, this planner consists of a third column that is meant for writing the subjects. At the top of this planner, there is space for writing the name and year of the child. It is meant for either two parts of a subject like reading and spelling parts of the Language Arts subject or for two subjects.

You can also observe the manner of your child’s work and find out where they need more attention or whether they need to work harder. Though it depends on you whether you want to maintain a list of short-term objectives, it is usually found to be useful in terms of planning the child’s work and in direction of teaching. In order to deal with a particular goal, the Scope Planner is of immense help. It helps in breaking down the goal and making a thorough plan of action. The scope planner provides space for writing some 15 goals, along with the names of books and materials used and the methods availed. It also provides space for writing comments. The top part of the planner provides space for writing the name, approximate grade level, academic year and subject of the student. You can also use it for planning classes to tutor a particular thing to your child.


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