Easy Housekeeping with Household Planner

Easy Housekeeping with Household Planner

For Housekeeping Planner, the refills provide printable work schedule, chore charts, phone numbers refill, Christmas card registry and project planner. The page for recording the telephone number and addresses is divided into two parts. One division contains the name and address of an individual, including the email address and URL. The other division contains contact information like telephone numbers of home and office, fax number and two mobile numbers. The page enables you to store information of a total of eight people.

The Project Planner page includes space for details like title, description of project, start date, finish date and plan of action. The page also consists of two charts. The first chart is divided into three columns mentioning the date, telephone number and the contacts, resources or suppliers. The other chart comprises columns for cost and the cost breakdown like labour or materials. At the bottom of the boxes, there is space for writing notes. The second page of the Project Planner provides information about the project such as the obstacles, solutions, equipment and notes or sketches.

On the left-hand side of the Greeting Card Register, there is space for writing the name and address of the sender or receiver. On the right-hand side, there is space for mentioning the year and for marking whether the card has been sent or received in the designated S and R box. There is space for writing addresses of nine people and the spaces are marked alternatively with green and white.

The Weekly Chores Planner page is divided as per the seven days of the week. At the top liste noire des casinos en ligne, there is space for writing the week and the name of the person designated for the task. There are some 6 spaces for writing the chores of each day. At the bottom, there is space for writing chores that needs to be done every day. Besides the writing space of each work, there are boxes, which can be check marked after the work is done.

The Basic Household Cleaning List can be edited as per your requirements. It can be used for daily, weekly, yearly and occasional tasks. Since the Morning to Noon chores are the repetitive chores that needs to be done daily, the list should be prepared in such a manner that it is suitable for you. It is advisable that an index card should be used for writing the morning chores and placed at a position, where it can be seen by you every morning. You can continue this thing till it becomes a habit. The same should also be done in case of the children’s morning chores.

The Weekly Chores are meant to be done on certain weekdays, after the morning chores have been done. Therefore, the chores are divided as per the five days of the week. In the 3-Month checklist, those chores can be mentioned that are required to be done all year through. The list should not contain weekly chores and the chores mentioned need not be done exactly within a span of three months. This schedule is divided into weeks for 3 months and at the bottom, contains the list of seasonal chores.


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