Attendance and Grades Workbook

Attendance and Grades Workbook – Perfect for homeschoolers

The Grades and Attendance Workbook (G&A files) is used for calculating the grades and attendance of a student. This workbook is specifically designed for homeschoolers wanting to keep up with attendance and grades. The files can be made with the help of spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. In case of availing OpenOffice, keep in mind that when the grades are entered as fractions, OpenOffice cannot calculate it. Therefore, Whole Number or 48 should be used, while availing OpenOffice.

The two versions of G&A are Whole Number and Points. The two editions are founded on the basis of Grade Input. The choice of version depends on how the grades would be entered. The Whole Number is useful for entering grades with numbers like 87, 91.3 and 100. A spreadsheet program is required by G&A Whole Number. It is functional with both Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice. In this case, you cannot enter grades as percentages but as Whole Numbers and even as decimals. Another version of whole number is 48. Those who do not require weighing grades but need more space for school year-round and grades can avail this version. Weighing grades implies emphasizing on some work of the child than others, due to the importance and difficulty of the work. For example, in comparison to multiple-choice questions, written answers like essays, full-sentence answers and Casino En Ligne definitions are considered to have more value.

In the Points version, grades can be entered as decimal, fraction and percentage like 0.9, 33/35 and 90%. This version is fully functional with Microsoft Excel, though it can also be opened by other spreadsheet programs. The grades or scores can be added in the cells and special scores or tests can be added in the special score area. It enables the entering of score or grade without calculating it from beforehand. The moment the grade will be entered in fraction form, the grade will be calculated and changed to decimal form by the excel sheet. Those who want to avail versions that would weigh the grades of your child need to remember that three choices are offered by the Grade and Attendance’s weighted points version, which are 10 subjects, 12 subjects and 16 subjects. An additional version of Points, V2, enables you to select between two grade scales.

The G&A worksheet file in Microsoft Excel or MS Excel provides provision for entering the school name, student’s name, class, academic year, subjects, average percentage, letter of distinction, credits and GPA. On the right-hand side of the sheet, you can also calculate the attendance by mentioning the number of days present and the number of leaves taken for sickness, vacation or other reasons. The sheet also provides space for pasting the photograph of the student.