Homeschooling Methods

Homeschooling Methods

After long hours of research, countless coffee breaks and long talks about it you decided to homeschool. You and your spouse are ready to take on the challenge of raising and educating your child. With the growing popularity of homeschooling, parents nowadays have a wide array of homeschool curriculum that they could use. No need to sweat it out for you can even get information and printable worksheets in just one click of a finger. But choosing a teaching method seems to be a tricky thing. With so many methods to choose from it takes time to find one that suits the individual style.

So here’s a compilation of teaching method that you can use to enhance your child’s learning style. Some parents used 2 or 3 teaching styles while other stick to one method. The number of method does not matter for as long as it works you can use as many as you can.

Charlottle Mason Method – Named after a British educator, Challottle Mason method is centered in the idea of teaching kids with the use of first-hand experiences, books and good habits. Its three-pronged technique revolves around the teaching atmosphere, life and discipline. With this method parents will create a learning environment suitable for young minds to learn good habits with the use of living books, not dry facts.

Traditional Method – This method uses a set-up that is pretty much identical to a regular public school. Parents used the same curriculum, grading, and teaching methods; the only difference is the location. This is perfect method for parents who are looking for traditional school structure. Which is a set coursework that works with everybody, and an easy manage curriculum.

method’s core is what is known as trivium, a teaching model that centers on the student’s cognitive development. In grade school, students learn how to use concrete thinking which is more on memorizing facts; while in middle school they are focusing more on analytical thinking. After understanding the subject comes abstract thinking where students learn how to articulate the subject. This method uses art, culture, history, language, philosophy and literature for interrelation of learning.

Montessori Method – Developed by an Italian philosopher, Dr. Maria Montessori, this method has been used in the early 1900’s. This teaching method revolves on the idea that a child learns in a natural, self-directed process. With its well prepared environment, it offers your child the freedom to repeat an activity until they are satisfied and learning is met. Often expensive and time consuming, the implementation of this technique needs a lot of time and research. But with so many materials online you can easily start your homeschool Montessori without breaking a bank.

Waldorf Education Method – Based on the spiritual-scientific research of Rudolf Steiner, this teaching technique is based on three phases of childhood development. It aims to balance the child’s academic, artistry and practical work which in return nourishes their mind, heart and hand. Nurturing your child’s imagination is what this method is all about for it encourages creativity through hands-on activities.

Eclectic Method – A style where you find what works for you. It can be a combination of all methods.

Unschooling – It focuses on a more natural way to learn like play, household responsibilities, social interaction, natural life experiences and is not being tied to any one curriculum or timetable.

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