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Lesson Kindergarten, 3rd Grade Homeschool
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Tic-Tac-Toe with Animals(K-2)Mammals(1)

Plants and Animals(K-2)

Planting a Rainbow(K-1)


Yuckiest Site on the Internet: Classroom Activities (K-2)

ExplorA-Pond: (K and up)
An online collaboration for K-12 students to study pond ecology and create a database of pond descriptions.

Now I Know All About Seeds:(K-1)Uses book All About Seeds

Solar System Activities (K-3)
Games based on the solar system.

Guided Discovery: (1-3)
The use of observational skills through the five senses.

Spiders Spin a Web (K-5)
Watch a spider spin a web!

Apple Theme Unit (3)

Newton’s Apple: (all grades)
A family science show that airs on PBS. You’ll find teachers guides, interactive educational resources, and science experiments you can do at home.

Books to Help Teach About Science

Social Studies Businesses In Your Neighborhood(K-2)Countries and Cultures – Social Studies and Geography through crafts!Layers of the Rainforest(K-1)

Kindergarten Rainforest Unit(K)

Maps as Pictures of the Earth(1-2)

Let’s Learn to Use a Map (1-2)

Kindergarten Transportation Unit (K)

Community Helpers (K)

Story Maps: (K-4)
Create a simple map that shows the movement of a favorite story.

And the Winner Is… (K-3)
Social Studies art activity. Create an award for a member of your family!

Members in a Community (1-2)

Book used in lesson:
Tops & Bottoms (Caldecott Honor Book,…

Places in my Community: (1)

Traveling the World (1-4)

Neighborhood Services: (1-5)
Where are they and why?

Traveling Apples (1-2)
Can also be used as a Language Arts lesson.

Mapping the Garden (2)


*Create a house out of an old cereal box, milk carton, etc. Use modeling clay to create members of the family to use in it. Discuss the roles of each member of the family.

*Make a family tree.

How Do I Make A Family Tree?

Books to Help Teach About Social Studies

Language Arts
Alphabuddies:Learn letters through the fun of crafts!ABC Activities (K-3)
Printable activities.Funbrain Vocabulary: (K)
Click the word that matches the picture.

Phonics Activities(K-2)

Dolch Sight Words: (1-2)
The Dolch words are words that are most often found in children’s books. These words do not follow phonics rules and must be taught as “sight” words. Learning these words will give your child a good base for beginning reading.

Lesson: Give a Mouse a Cookie (1-3)
Uses book: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Kevin’s English Lesson Page(all grades)

Punctuation Made Simple (1-3)
Colon, Semicolon, Comma, Dash, Apostrophe

Books to Help Teach About Language Arts

Health & Safety
Bandaides & Blackboards
Growing up with medical problems.~Unit on Dental Care~(K)
Dentist Day
This lesson uses the book:
Fang The Dentist (The Wacky World Of…
Keep Tooth Decay Away
What Do the Tooth Fairies Do With All Those Teeth?This lesson uses the book:
What Do the Fairies Do With All Those…Summer Safety Safari:
Create guidelines for a Summer Safety poster.

Physical Education Lesson Plans

Health Lessons (K-5)
Well more than a dozen lessons for Health

PE Central(all grades)

Education World: To Your Health! (all grades)

Books to Help Teach About Health & Safety

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Math (Pre-K)
Don’t be fooled by the name of this web site. There is a ton of interactive math activities. You’re sure to find something that will work for you!Math Enrichment for Primary GradesNumbers BuddiesEveryday Math(K-6)

Math Forum(K)

Marshmallow Fun Day(K)

Math Baseball (K-3)

Tic Tac Toe Squares: (K)
Numbers below 5.

Line Jumper: (K)
Introduces a number line with numbers less than 10.

The Pattern Block: (K)
A game for 2 children.

Basic Facts Practice: (K-3)
Allows customization by specifying the number of problems to be completed, the highest number to be used in the problems, and a target completion time.

Multiple Counting Practice: (2-3)
Uses java to practice counting multiples.


Books to Help Teach About Math

Themes & Units
Thematic Units for Primary Grades:
From the University of South Carolina.
Useful Links For The Teacher:
(Please make sure you have the Flash Player for some of these links.) games for K-6a href=””>Games for Children Ages 6-9Kindergarten Skill Test:A printable academic skills test which should be mastered by children completing Kindergarten or entering 1st grade.Grades K-12.

Math Links for TeachersTeacher2Teacher

Worldbook: Typical Course of Study

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