Homeschool Forms and Planners

Book List Forms: In various ways, the book list forms help in keeping a tab on the books. The forms not only include the names, authors, keys and starting date of reading the book but also chapters and opinions. Some forms are meant for listing library books and have a due date mentioned on them so that your child can keep a track regarding when to finish the book.

Checklist: It is important for those availing subject planner, as it enables to keep a track on what needs to be done and what has been done. There are spaces on its left side, where the subjects can be written. In fact, the additional spaces enable you to add subjects that will be done occasionally like software programs. You can easily mark the boxes, in accordance with the date and subjects that your kids have opted for, on that day.

Grade Forms: The grade forms are excellent in keeping track of your child’s grades and test scores. The forms are capable of recording grades for a maximum of 10 subjects. Since, the grades forms are usually divided at an interval of 3 weeks, 6 weeks or 1 year, you can easily average the grades.

Household Cleaning Forms: These are of immense help to you only if you are interested in including it in the homeschool planner, the list of household chores.

Meal Planner Forms: The basic meal plans help you in organizing the menus of the week, as per your busy schedule. You can either avail those forms, where the menus are categorized as per the four meals of the day and seven days of the week. You can also opt for those forms, where the menus are categorized as per one meal; for example, the lunch, for five or seven days a week. Those who find time for cooking in the weekends can opt for forms that are divided into two parts, the first part is meant for the menus to be cooked during the weekdays and the lower part is meant for the weekends.

Journal Forms: The Journal Forms are useful for recording miscellaneous items like reminders, poems, phrases, inspirational essays and even, devotionals.