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Social Studies
Activities for Grade 4, Lesson Plans For Grade 4


A Review of American History(4-8)

Laws…Who Needs Them?(7-9)

Oregon Trail Diary(5-11)

Read All About It! (5-12)

Students will construct a newspaper that describes local, state, national and international events on the day they were born.

Post-Nuclear War Survival (7-12)
This unit begins with a scenario of nuclear war and requires students to make decisions which may affect the survival of humans on Earth.

Books to Help Teach About Social Studies


Continental Drift: (6-8)From Discovery School, this lesson will teach how the Earth has changed over a long period of time and how scientists use fossils to develop theories.

Real Time Experiments!
Do experiments with stuff you have around the house, experiments using the computer, and experiments using the shockwave plug-in.
An amazing online virtual dissection of a frog and more.

The pH Factor (4-8)
Includes a teachers guide.

Newton’s Apple: (all grades)
A family science show that airs on PBS. You’ll find teachers guides, interactive educational resources, and science experiments you can do at home.

An Overview of Simple Machines
Six different machine principals, considered to be the simplest and most basic, that are incorporated into modern-day machinery

Books to Help Teach About Science

Language Arts

Become a Logophile (4-8)
This lesson is to develop the love of creative writing.

Aesop’s Fables (4-8)
Always a good source to learn a lesson. (The moral of the story).

Hans Christian Andersen (4-8)
You can read Hans Christian Andersen’s stories online. There must be over a hundred available for reading!

A Lesson in Haiku (4-8)
Haiku is a Japanese poetry form that consists of seventeen syllables and has nature as its subject. Also see:

Haiku for People

Lesson Plans from The Teacher’s Desk (5-6)
You’ll have to sift through these links, but you’ll find lesson ideas to help teach spelling, vocabulary, writing, and reading.

Kevin’s English Lesson Page (all grades)

Books to Help Teach About Language Arts

Health & Safety

Bandaides & Blackboards
Growing up with medical problems.Physical Education Lesson PlansHealth Lesson(K-5)

Health Lessons(6-8)

PE Central(all grades)

Education World: To Your Health!(all grades)

Are You What You Eat? (Elementary Levels)
This is an Internet based project, but there are things you can implement in your own homeschool, if you choose not to join the project. Check out the Student Activity Area.

Daily Lesson Plan: Health (6-12)

Books to Help Teach About Health & Safety


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Math (3-8)
Don’t be fooled by the name of this web site. There is a ton of interactive math activities. You’re sure to find something that will work for you!Project Interactive
Interactivate provides authentic courseware to supplement standards-based learning and teaching in middle school mathematics. Lessons, discussions, activities, and tools facillitate exploration and discovery in mathematics and science.

Math Stumpers

Math Enrichment for Middle Grades

Internet Excursions
Math practice with Internet sources for reference. Plan a trip, comparing temperatures, the Great Pyramids, and more.

Create a Graph(4)

Fractal Unit(4 and up)

AAA Math (K-8)

Everyday Math (up to 6)

Algebra Story and Word Problems (Middle/High School)

Money Unit (5)

Hands On Math Activities (4-6)

Books to Help Teach About Math

Useful Links For The Teacher:
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Academy of Achievement brings you face to face with the extraordinary individuals who have shaped our times. It is an amazing collection, not of mere artifacts, but of people and ideas that fill you with inspiration, encouragement, and the will to achieve. games for K-6Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

Math Links for Teachers

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