Gifted and Special Needs

No one says that home schooling a child with special needs is going to be easy. There are so many things to consider, as it requires double the effort when compared to a normal child. Like what most people say, teaching a child with special needs is a privilege for this is no ordinary task. Just like every child is special, these kids’ demands full attention and more. Based on a research conducted by Dr. Steven Duwall, the home-schooled kids with disability can get so much out of home schooling when compared to kids with special needs in the classroom. Making that decision to home school your child is one of the best moves as a parent.

Putting a child with special needs in a traditional classroom setting will only make things worse, according to Thomas Armstrong, author of the book “The Myth of the A.D.D. Child”. Most kids with this condition are prone to be bullied on the school bus or in class and the school’s inability to provide the child’s need is a recipe for disaster. So what works on normal kids may not be applicable for them, and that makes educating kids with special needs a challenging task. For this reason, parents need to tailor-made their home schooling techniques without the usual school stuff. Parents may not be a certified teacher but there is no doubt that they can create instructional materials and transform their home into a learning facility.

The home is no doubt the most ideal place for learning. For parents with handicapped kids, it provides the sense of security and comfort that they needed. Every day is a daily struggle for both parent and the child, but it is crucial in a child’s development to show them that they are loved and protected. Parents should bear in mind that that they are the best persons for the job. By knowing your child’s strengths and weaknesses, this gives you the advantage to create an effective education program. Kids with special needs had to follow a specific curriculum but finding the right one also takes time. There are various mediums for you to choose from, plus you can customize your class to suit your own child. Many parents are doing countless of approaches, so you don’t need to spend money in buying curriculum. But before jumping into home schooling your child, you have to arm yourself with information.

As a parent, you need to keep your cool while teaching your child. Relax and remember that when something doesn’t work out, you can always go back to the drawing board and correct it. Home schooling is a trial and error process, and at the end you just have to choose which of these techniques work best for your child. Aside from regular research, the need to frequently improve your teaching styles is the key to a successful home-schooling experience. Adjustments are always around the corner, you can ask for advice from other moms who are in the same situation or find a group that can empower you with positivity.

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