Geography & Maps

Check here for links to web sites for all fifty states.

Atlapedia Online.
Atlapedia Online contains key information on every country of the world. Each country profile provides facts and data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history, and economy, making it ideal for personal or family education and for students of all ages.

CIA World Factbook.
Extensive data, maps, and flags of all the countries in the world.

LIbrary of Congress Map Collections Home Page
Take a look at many maps from the large collection at the Library of Congress.

National Geographic My Wonderful World: Maps – Tools for Adventure
Maps are a part of every great adventure. They help you find your way, share information, look at patterns, and solve problems. This website offers lots of cool map activities from exploring a pyramid to collecting rocks on Mars.

National Geographic.
Maps, cultures, and facts from around the world. Includes a special section for kids.

National Park Service ParkNet.
This site provides information on the National Parks and their history.
Do you know your state’s insect, reptile, or bird? It’s all here. Make this your first stop when you have a state report due.

The National Park Service provides activities for children. This site lets them experience activities similar to those found in the organization is onsite Park Rangers program. Participants can choose to complete activities as a visitor or can enter a user name and password to design their own ranger station and earn online patches for their work. The activities are rated as easy, medium, and hard and include topics such as learning about trees, animals, historical events, and the effects of nature on the park.