Games & Entertainment
This on-line component to the weekly newspaper feature includes games, a “scavenger hunt” quiz, and links to “cool spots” for kids to use for homework, information or fun. Created by a team focusing on techKNOWLEDGEy.

A Game A Day.
This site offers puzzles, games, and related materials designed to stimulate learning, problem solving, and creative thinking.

Chateau Meddybemps.
All kinds of fun for families with younger kids.

Chess Is Fun.
Want to learn how to play chess? Want to learn how to play a bit better? Here are some fairly easy “lessons.”

Chess Kids.
Learn to play chess with interactive lessons, quizzes, games, and puzzles.

Computer generated Checkers. “A long-term objective of solving the game of checkers, i.e. determining the game-theoretic value of checkers.” This is a very tough game.

Comic Zone.
Your very own newspaper comics section! Includes Dilbert, For Better or For Worse, Peanuts, Rose is Rose, and a lot more.

Crazy Bone.
Have fun with dozens of on-line games, jokes, magic tricks, recipes, tongue twisters and coloring sheets.

Daily Sudoku
Fans of this popular game will enjoy a new puzzle challenge daily. Different levels and patterns such as “squiggly” allow for many ages to enjoy the site.

Deaf Planet
An expansive resource for Deaf and hearing children to learn together online, in English, French, American Sign Language, and Langue des Signes Québécoise.

Discovery School’s Puzzlemaker.
Puzzlemaker is a fun and easy puzzle generation tool for all ages that allows users to create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your own word lists.

This is a sliding puzzle site based on a toy of years ago. It offers interesting challenges and is totally addictive.

Five Field Kono.
This beautifully designed strategy game is played on a Java board. It’s worth the wait for the board to load up. Based on Chinese Checkers.

Who ever thought learning math could be so much fun? Test your math skills with these fun and interesting games. Inlcudes some teacher and parenting resources.

Garfield Online.
Heard the latest? Garfield’s the greatest! Check out what’s happenin’ with everyone’s favorite fat cat! Jim Davis’s official fat-cat site!
Similar to the Highlights magazine, this site offers fun stories, “Hidden Pictures” “Games and Giggles” science articles, and jokes. In addition, there is a daily update on “what happened in history on this date.” Viewers can e-mail editors. Includes a privacy policy and “Safe surfing tips”

Joan Irvine: The Pop-up Lady.
Joan Irvine is a Canadian author of children’s craft books. Three of the books have instructions on how to make pop-up cards, a set of pop-up instructions, and a contest. Includes links to other pop-up sites.

Offers java based games and puzzles. Some of the puzzles include Tower of Hanoi, chess problems and a maze generator.

Monstrous Makeup Effects in Horror Movies
With the accessibility of online video tutorials, it’s easier than ever to learn the basics of horror movie makeup yourself. (Age 13+)

Like to watch Nick? Here’s where to click!

From the television station by the same name, this site has activities related to the shows on Noggin. Games, printables, and video provide hours of entertainment and education for preschoolers. There is also a parent section with information about Noggin.

Official Disney Web Site.
Movies, animation—everything Disney!

Official Star Wars Web Site.
For Star Wars fans everywhere!

OwlKids Online. 

Home Page

This is a site based on the magazine for children in Canada. Nicely constructed site. The age breaks are helpful.

PBS for Kids.
Games and activities connected to your favorite PBS programs, including Arthur, Between the Lions and Sesame Street. Also provides information for grownups on using the site.

Design your own comic strip or see if you’d like to be president for a day. Or maybe you’d like to get your Web License by learning to surf safely or visit the media literacy lab called Get Media Smart. Here is a world of activities to entertain and enlighten. Other game topics include animals, travel, history, and pop culture.

Solve this challenging puzzle on a very cool board and then let your friends try solving it. More of a puzzle than a game, the rules are a bit arcane. Requires Java/32-bit browsers.

Professor Garfield
Professor Garfield is an interactive learning portal full of educational games and activities for children. It was designed to by teachers to enhance and support classroom learning in new and innovative ways.
Locate free online games, e-cards, quizzes, jokes, brainteasers, wallpaper, screensavers, and more.

Choose from crosswords, word searches, word play games, logic and number puzzles and more.

Quiz Hub.
Geared to elementary and middle students as a fun learning center that features free online interactive lessons, educational games, puzzles and quizzes. Includes parent and teacher resources.

RIF Reading Planet
Write and illustrate your own stories, play reading games, express yourself through poetry – this site is a wonderful resource for younger children to explore reading and writing.
Visit with a favorite character. Personality profiles of the characters and Schulz’s thoughts on why they behave the way they do!

Squigly’s Playhouse.
Look here for games, crafts, jokes, brainteasers and more.

Tiger Aki.
Animated storybooks and games feature Tiger Aki. Games include mazes, interactive puzzles, nap, coloring and more.

TVO Kids
An Ontario website the provides engaging activities for kids ages three to eight that link directly to TVOntario, an educational public television broadcast.

U.S. Chess Online!
This is the Chess Federation site and does include beginning lessons in chess. Given the importance of chess in learning theory, this is a must!

World’s Largest Roadside Attractions.
Seeing these “largest” attractions, including the largest cow, catsup bottle, and cuckoo clock, will make you smile.