Fun Learning Activities

5 Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

1.     Photography. Teaching your kids the art of capturing moments could be a start of a great hobby. Seeing the world in a special lens will surely perk your child’s interest and you will be amazed how different they see things. Give your child a simple camera and harness their creativity as they capture memories with an innocent approach. Encourage your child to experiment on every shot and explore the different settings of the camera. This is the digital age so make sure to encourage them to take lots of pictures and don’t be afraid to get close with their subject.

2.     Cooking. Who says that children can’t cook? Cooking can be a fun family bonding if you let your children share the activity with you. It could be as simple as cooking pancakes to making muffins. Entice your kids to make your own burger or pasta, and turn your kitchen as your interactive classroom. You can start by teaching them how weigh and count the ingredients; though this you can explain basic mathematics. You can also discuss about the origin of the food and science behind the cooking process. And reward them with a sumptuous meal after a great job.

3.     Gardening. Taking care of another living thing and be responsible about it are just one of few advantages of gardening. We can never deny the fact that there is always something about the earth that makes children go wild and happy. You can also teach your kids about healthy living by planting organic food in your backyard. By doing this you will tap on your child’s gardening artistry while learning about zoology, botany and geology. Imagine the look in your child’s eyes when they gather their first harvest or see the blooming flowers after a few weeks of planting it. This feeling can never be taught but to be experience.

4.     Arts and Crafts. Fun, colourful and eco-friendly. Now, who could say no to crafting? Even children will be super stoked to create new things out of ordinary materials. This activity can also develop their fine motor skills and enhance their creativity. Children will be introduced to whole new world of colors and how they can make beautiful things out of their imagination. There are various arts and crafts in the net that you can choose from according to your child’s age. Also a fun activity for the whole family.

5.     Field Trip. Turn a simple trip to the local supermarket into a fun field trip for you and your child. But if you want to get the most of the trip make sure to organize it ahead of time. Make use of the facilities of the community; like the local museum, historical buildings, the fire and police station, local cemetery, botanical gardens and zoos. Make sure to take advantage of the local activities and local trails for a nature walk. Grab the opportunity to so some birth watching and animal identification.

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