Fun for Younger Children

Between the Lions.
This early literacy site, for children ages 4-7, is a tie-in for the award-winning television program. Appealing characters, terrific songs and fun games combine to offer great on-line experiences.

Looking for a quick kids’ craft activity (try saying that five times fast)? Look no further.

Fun with Spot.
Fans of Eric Hill’s Spot books will enjoy playing these games and reading the animated versions of some of these books. Shock wave plugin required.

Goodnight Stories.
This is the place to come if you want to curl up with a good cyber book or just play a game.

Little Explorers.
Click on a letter of the alphabet and connect to, not one, but many, many pictures of works with that letter and hot links to Web sites about that word.

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.
Includes activities for kids as well as show-related information for kids and parents.

My Kids Corner
Originating from the United Kingdom and filled with a variety of activities for kids, this site will provide hours of fun. Included are stories, rhymes, games, puzzles, and more. There is also a special section of interactive stories that allow kids to enter their own names to become part of the story.

Nickelodeon Jr.
From the people who bring you the Nickelodeon Channel, this site is created for younger children and has a variety of games, activities and fun.

Pauly’s Playhouse.
Games, sounds, and a gallery of cartoons mostly for very young Web- surfers with a high-speed Web connection. The site also includes links to shopping and travel sites for parents.

Play Kids Games.
Check out math, alphabet and logic games designed for younger children and their parents.

Playhouse Disney.
Games, songs and activities feature characters from the Disney network.

Sesame Street Central.
The kids’ activities page with your friends from Sesame Street. Play games with Prairie Dawn, Elmo, and the Cookie Monster.

This site, featuring the four babies from the PBS series, includes videos, nursery rhymes and magical events.

The Crayola Home Page.
Everything you always wanted to know about crayons.

The World of Victor
Have fun with Victor, a toddler on the move. There are lots of games and sounds to play with, including puzzles, music, coloring, and mixed-up animals. Available in English, Japanese, Spanish, and French.

Thomas the Tank Engine Page.
Calling all Thomas the Tank Engine fans! Stories, games, and fun.

Tiny Planets.
Bing and Bong, aliens from the Tiny Planets, offer games related to technology, nature, light and color.