Discovering Dinosaurs (Encyclopaedia Britannica)  
Explores how our knowledge of dinosaurs has evolved through the centuries.

Looking for a quick kids’ craft activity (try saying that five times fast)? Look no further.

The Dino Dictionary  
This site offers a searchable database, discussion of current theories, a listing of dinosaur sites and clip art.

The Dinosauria
What do we know about dinosaurs? How did they live? How did they die? How do they live on today? Includes a section on myths and contains links to numerous other dino-sites.

Walking with Dinosaurs
A comprehensive, easy-to-navigate site about the rise and fall of dinosaurs, fossils, and sea monsters. Site is sponsored by the BBC in conjunction with their television series “Walking with Dinosaurs.”

World’s First Dinosaur Skeleton: Hadrosaurus Foulkii
A site about the first dinosaur fossil found in the United States. Foulke had discovered the first nearly complete skeleton of a dinosaur, an event that would rock the scientific world and forever change our view of natural history.