Vacation Organization

Who says that you can’t travel with your children? Many parents have put aside their wanderlust after starting a family, but this is not always the case because travelling with your family is clearly possible. Why spend another summer stuck at home when you can go somewhere exotic? Why waste another time imagining being in another country when you can simply book a flight and go there? Now you don’t have to think twice when booking that ticket when you can travel with your family hassle-free. Of course it’s not as easy as travelling alone but it can be done with just a little bit of extra planning.

Organizing your family vacation while homeschooling your child is completely doable. Learning is an everyday process and going to some place unfamiliar to your child offers a lot of potential. Taking advantage of the trip could mean a bigger and effective venue for the child’s learning process through efficient planning. Learning while on the road can open your child’s eye about the world. Whether you are out for a small friend trip around the neighbourhood, an overnight camping trip, visiting a family member or taking a trip abroad, this is your opportunity to turn the world into your kid’s playground. This is also the perfect time to teach teens about auto safety.

So here are a few tips on how to plan for your next trip with your family.

1.   Plan ahead of time. Planning for your trip may require for you to do some research about your itinerary; like museums, historical places, zoos, exhibits and other places that may interest your child. You can ask them where they want to go because it helps build-up the anticipation.

2.   Plan for safety. If you decide to go camping or go to the beach, as a parent you need to have extra precautions against all elements. Make sure to have a medicine kit handy while you travel and insect repellent. If travelling alone, get your child some vaccinations when travelling to third world countries.

3.   Plan for your transportation. When taking a road trip, decide who will be the designated driver. Some people prefer to drive by night so make sure to plan your activities in the morning. Bring extra pillows for children and a spare tire just in case. Have a mix tape/CD ready with nursery rhymes to keep the kids’ occupied while on the road. Have some snacks ready so can save in stopping by some restaurants. When taking a long flight, choose a child-friendly airline. Some airlines are quite flexible when it comes to the child’s luggage; make sure to check it before booking a flight. Pack some toys to keep them occupied during the flight.

4.   Plan your budget. Travelling with your kids means more expenses for the family especially for lodging, food and transportation. With extensive research you can basically plan the travel expenses to a T, but always make sure to have extra money with you. Check out the free events that can provide learning and other activities that are not too expensive but provides a great learning experience for the child.

5.   Pack light. Packing light can be very difficult when you are bringing your kids with you. Bring only the essentials and avoid packing unnecessary things that will make you wish you didn’t bring them. You will realize along the way that you will only use half of your luggage.

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