This is the reason why this activity plays a vital role in your child’s early academic development. Being able to pronounce the word correctly is another trick that can help the child remembers the word and its spelling. So in order to ensure their full development, make sure to follow a strict regimen to exercise your child’s recall capacity. So here are the tips to improve your child’s spelling ability and vocabulary.

1. Depending on your child’s level of comprehension, start with a basic word. Introduce the word by enunciating it and have him/her write down the word while you define it. Make it to a point to define each word when you are introducing a word. For some children all these words may seem foreign without you defining it. By doing this the child will be able to understand the word properly and will retain in his/her memory.

2. Practice, and more practice. Never underestimate the power of this word. This is the basic rule in everything in life. The more reason that as a parent you should enhance your child’s memory by taking small steps at a time. 3 to 5 words a day is enough to keep your child occupied. Review the words daily and keep adding words everyday to his/her vocabulary. Converse with them using the words of the day so will get comfortable using it. You can even create a song to help them memorize letters, a fun way to enjoy spelling.

3. Read and Write. The trick about spelling is to read and write the word. The child will associate the letter through its sound not by memorizing the order of letters. When it comes to spelling long words it is best to chop it into pieces. Once you establish this routine, try to repeat it over and over again. Repetition works wonders especially for difficult words. Focus on the areas that the child find it difficult, highlight those letters with color and design so it will stick in their mind.
4. Forward and backward. Have your child spell the word forward and backward. Through this test you will know how advance your child’s progress with the word. Make sure to let them define it or use other words help them identify the word you wanted them to spell. Using mnemonics also help to help them remember.

5. Location. Provide a suitable learning space for your child. Anyone who is trying to learn with the TV on is simply impossible. Make sure to create an environment that makes children want to learn something, like a learning nook full of reading materials or an ABC chart in sight.

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