Social Studies

Businesses In Your Neighborhood(K-2)Countries and CulturesSocial Studies and Geography through crafts!Layers of the Rainforest(K-1)Kindergarten Rainforest Unit(K)Maps as Pictures of the Earth(1-2)Let’s Learn to Use a Map(1-2)

Kindergarten Transportation Unit (K)

Community Helpers (K)

Story Maps: (K-4)
Create a simple map that shows the movement of a favorite story.

And the Winner Is… (K-3)
Social Studies art activity. Create an award for a member of your family!

Members in a Community (1-2)
Book used in lesson:
Tops & Bottoms (Caldecott Honor Book,…

Places in my Community: (1)

Traveling the World (1-4)

Neighborhood Services: (1-5)
Where are they and why?

Traveling Apples (1-2)
Can also be used as a Language Arts lesson.

Mapping the Garden (2)


*Create a house out of an old cereal box, milk carton, etc. Use modeling clay to create members of the family to use in it. Discuss the roles of each member of the family.

*Make a family tree.

How Do I Make A Family Tree?
Books to Help Teach About Social Studies