Science Resources

Your children’s education will never be complete without him/her learning about science. The only subject that explains the mystery behind the rain, or why the world is round and not square. Science is a huge part in everyone’s life, so to teach science to your homeschooler is sometimes overwhelming. But learning science with you kids could be fun and exciting if you let it. This is the part of homeschooling where you can turn their wonders into wonderful by teaching them how things work. You don’t have to be a science expert to teach your kids the importance of it. Through series of activities you can easily teach your kids without you having any science background.

So here are some science projects you can do with your homeschoolers.

Bubbling Over – This science project is super fun and easy to do. All you need are straws (fat and thin), pipe cleaner loops, turkey basters and other waterproof items with holes. You will need a dishpan to all these materials, and just add water and bubble solution. To protect your homeschooler from drips you can a play tray or just use a sheet underneath.

Giant Building Sets – Kids always love to build something. This science exercise will give him the opportunity to build something with the use of cones, Styrofoam balls and various shapes in different sizes. You also need a pack of toothpicks, coffee stirrers, pipe cleaners and other items to connect them. From all these materials they can make anything, just let them use their imagination.

Bend a Pencil Without Magic – This science experiment explores how light can trick your eyes. The project will teach your homeschooler about light refraction with the use of simple things. All you need is a pencil, water and clear class. Fill half of the glass with water and place the pencil in the water. Instruct your homelschooler to look closely from the top and look at the pencil from the side. They will notice that the pencil seems lie bending but the truth is the light is just playing tricks on the eyes. This is because the light that is passing through the water is making the pencil look bent.

Fizzy Experiment – This experiment offers unlimited fun with this easy to do science test. Made to intrigue kids, this experiment will make them filled with awe. All you need is a big candle, a tall glass, birthday candle, baking powder, matches, spoon and vinegar. You can start by lightning the big candle and drip some wax at the bottom of the glass. While the wax is still hot, stick the birthday candle so it stand upright in the glass. Make sure that the glass is taller than the candle. Now add a spoonful of baking power to the jar, and make sure to keep it away from the flame. Just pour in the vinegar to make the powder fizzes and just wait until the flame snuff out. When you mix baking power and vinegar it produces carbon dioxide, and flame doesn’t easily burn carbon dioxide unlike oxygen gas.

More Science experiments for kids

Books for your homeschool teens to help them understand a thing or two about science.

The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat  – Written by Oliver Sacks, this book is about case histories that deals about mysteries behind the brain function. What makes this story very interesting is that it talks about a man with “mental blindness”, a brain disease that makes them hard to identify objects or people by sight. Another character in the book is with a “disembodied lady”, who can’t tell about the relation of her body parts. This is an interesting read and for sure a page flipping one.

The Radioactive Boy Scout – Written by Ken Silverstein, this book is about a 17 year old boy scout named David Han. One day David decided to earn an Atomic Energy badge merit by building a nuclear reactor. But his little hobby turned into an obsession which alerted the FBI. Its a story about a boy’s quest but nobody took him seriously. A funny story with a thriller twist.

Shark Trouble – Witten by Peter Benchley, the author behind Jaws and for sure this is another great read about sharks and their environment. This book is about the madness of shark attacks and some tips on how to avoid the dangers found in the sea.

Through the Milky Way on a PB&J – Written by James McDonald, this book is about the solar system and milky way. The story revolves on Sami and Thomas who made a spaceship to tour around the solar system. With its vibrant images and flowing verse, this book offers an out of space adventure every child is dreaming about.

The Skeleton Inside  You – Written by Philip Balestrino and True Kelly, this book is about the skeleton that hold everything together. It talks about the over 200 bones in the body, both living and still growing. And not just that; it also features ligaments and joints that holds the bones together. A perfect instruction when discussing about the skeletal system.

Tornado Alert – Written by Franklin Mansfield Branley and Giulio Maestro, this book describes how powerful the storm is in a language that children would understand. The book also talks about the funnel clouds and how it is formed, plus some safety tips on what to do during a tornado.