Health and Safety

Most parents will not see the connection of letting their child sign up for boy/girl scout. As parents you have to explore other options that will help encourage your child to be curious. Scouting offers countless activities that homeschoolers may take it as a breather from homeschool. Goal-oriented and a venue for socialization, scouting provides your child outdoor experiences that will shape him/her to become better individuals. It’s no doubt that homeschooling will go hand in hand with scouting, so make sure to incorporate it to your homeschool activities.

But in many ways than one being in the boy/girl scout will help your child especially in earning their health and safety class requirements. So here is some health and safety badges that your child needs to get some high school credits.

Safety Badge – This badge is essential for scouting for introduces the students for safety devices that can help them or other people during injuries and emergencies. The badge will help educate your child about common injuries and events that will lead to those injuries. Your child will be able to distinguish these life-changing events and will always put safety first. Before getting the badge a team will visit the home and will conduct accident prevention plan.

Medicine Badge – Have you ever imagine your child learning about medicine at a young age? Well they do now for this badge will let them learn about the history of medicine, Hippocratic Oath, doctor-patient relationship and famous people behind it. Scout with this badge will get to know the reason behind health insurance. They will get to events where they can witness blood pressure screening and bloodletting.

Dentistry Badge – This badge will take tooth care to the next level. Getting this badge will allow your child to learn the importance of tooth care. Why brushing is not enough and the how to take care of the gums. They will get to meet some dentists that will teach them about flossing, gum disease and stages of tooth decay.

First Aid Badge – Scout with this badge will be able to deal with bites, blisters and scrapes without breaking any sweat. This badge will the student how manage emergency health issues; like sunburn, objects in the eye, nosebleed, frostbite and broken bones. Thanks to boy/scout training students are trained to be skilled in triage of all kinds of injuries. Scouts with first aid badge will be able to handle and respond to emergency situation with ease.
Emergency Preparedness Badge – This badge will teach the student to deal with car accidents, being trapped in a car, fires and food borne illnesses. This will help them to stay alert and calm in calamities such flooding, natural disasters and boating accidents.

Personal Fitness Badge – Scouts with this badge is knowledgeable about disease prevention and the importance of being healthy both mentally and physically. Prevention is always better than cure; so this badge will help them learn the warning signs of heart problem, cancer and other diseases. With this knowledge they can prevent these diseases in the future.

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