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To foster a healthy attitude towards exercise parents should encourage their children to be active. Yes, even in homeschooling. In fact, homeschooling provides more flexibility in comparison to the traditional school setting. Parents can design their own homeschool curriculum that provides opportunities for their kids to be active. The need to move is always innate to children and for parents homeschooling activities should be something fun and active. It is important to teach your kids the love to be active while they are still young. For sure they will thank you when they get older for enrolling them to basketball clinic or teaching them how to pitch.

The truth about physical education is not just about introducing your kids to sports but also teaching them to have a healthy lifestyle. Getting active improves concentration and academic performance, and as parent you want your child to have focus in everything that they do. It also decreases stress levels so you don’t have to deal with tantrums or lack of concentration. Plus it boost energy and enhance self-image. By engaging your child to sports you also improve their cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health. Which means that your homeschooler is not prone to chronic diseases when they get old. So the risk of them having a heart attack or osteoporosis is very slim. By incorporating physical activities into your homeschool curriculum you also lower the risk against any health conditions.

So here are some ideas you can do at home.

Walking. Never underestimate the benefits of walking. By just going outside for a 15-minute walk will take any stress away especially if you are stressing about your algebra quiz. It maybe the easiest form of exercise but it has a lot of benefits.

Biking. Pressuring your child will not do them any good. So to de-stress them you can send them out for a bike break. For a good 15-minute bike break your homeschooler will get their focus and have a renewed enthusiasm. You can even plan a bike trip where the rest of the family can join.

Individual sport. Since your child is not in a traditional school, team sports is not an option but you can introduce your homeschooler to individual sports. They can choose from swimming, ballet, tennis, badminton, surfing and many more. You can keep experimenting until they’ll find the sport where they are good at.

Playground/backyard games. Its time to put some laughter in your backyard. Backyard games are always fun like the classic kickball, Frisbee, jump rope and hopscoth. This is also the most economical since you don’t have to drive somewhere just to play and exercise.

Pitch and Catch. This game is perfect for all ages, just make sure to use appropriate balls for your child’s age. Who knows your child could be the next Babe Ruth.

Swimming. This is the best activity during summer. If you don’t own a pool then you can always check the community pool. Swimming improves your child’s motor skills and movement patterns which is essential to be successful in that sport.

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