Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts for Homeschoolers

As the famous saying goes “the earth without art is just ‘eh’.” It may not be as important as science and math but learning art feeds the soul and enhances creativity as it shakes up the child’s awareness to its environment and feelings. Creativity is innate to each one of us and the idea of nourishing your child’s creativity is as important to him/her learning the essentials.

There are myriads of art that your child could choose from and each of these may be used as a form of creative expression. Learning art through home-schooling is one of the best venues to start your child’s artistic process for it stimulates the brain, thus raising your child’s IQ. Simple things such as colors, sounds and patterns are brain stimulator that may enhance your child’s learning development. So these are the lists of home-school art that will surely perk up your child’s interest and who knows your child could be the next Picasso or Van Gogh.

Drawing. An art lesson is never complete without a class about drawing. This is one method where an artist translates the 3-D images to 2-D. In this process the artist becomes aware of what the eyes can see and interpret it onto the drawing surface. There are some basic rules about drawing but the fun about it is not to follow the rules but your creative instinct. This is a fun activity that both parents and child can enjoy and learn at the same time. It could be used as a family bonding as your child moves on to the next phase which is shading and coloring.

Crafts. Learning to work with your hands and turn ordinary things to extraordinary art is a skill everyone should have. Learning how to make crafts enables them to be more self-sufficient as they transform old objects into new things which in return will make them feel responsible and more confident. This process can never be achieved if parents will not recognize the importance of crafting to their child’s formative years. The idea of creating something new fuels the brain intellectual capacity and not to mention that they play an active role in their learning. Through crafting your child will start to wonder about things which will lead them to be inquisitive, and that’s where science, history and math all come into play. The value of learning crafts should not be underestimated for they play a major role in the child’s early development.

Painting. The world could be a boring place without color. Through painting we are able to view the world in its amazing hues. Painting could be a messy activity for kids but it could as educational and fun. You will be surprised of the art that they can create when they are allowed to work freely with colors with the use of their hands. Letting your child have the freedom to create something makes them more expressive with their own feelings plus it can boost their fine motor skills and aesthetic development. After painting, ask your child the story behind their art. This is a great bonding experience for the whole family.

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